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Magpie is a former journalist, attempted historian [No, you can't ask how her thesis is going], and full-time corvid of the lesbian persuasion. She keeps herself in birdseed by writing those bad computer manuals that you toss out without bothering to read them. She also blogs too much when she's not on deadline, both here and at Pacific Views.

Magpie roosts in Portland, Oregon, where she annoys her housemates (as well as her cats Medea, Whiskers, and Jane Doe) by attempting to play Irish music on the fiddle and concertina.

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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Forward into the past.

Since Wampum is snowed under and had to miss Flashback Friday this week, Magpie figured we'd pick up the slack and make our own visit to 1991. Since we're in Portland, Oregon — not Portland, Maine, like MB — we figured we'd look at newspapers from the west coast instead of the east coast papers she uses for Flashback Friday.

Casualties Mount in Battle for Afghan City
San Francisco Chronicle, 11 Oct 1991

Hundreds of Muslim guerrillas have been killed in monthlong fighting against the Communist government for control of this strategic eastern city, hometown of embattled President Najibullah....

Allies Quit Northern Iraq Despite Kurdish Clashes
Los Angeles Times, 11 Oct 1991

Allied troops Thursday completed their withdrawal from the Iraqi border with Turkey, winding down their Kurdish support mission despite heavy clashes around the Iraqi Kurdish city of Sulaymaniyah.

As locals scavenged wood and leftovers from the dusty site of the base near the Turkish town of Silopi, Lt. Col. Jerry Guess, a U.S. military spokesman, said the Iraqi Kurds are not being abandoned....

AT&T to Lay Off 300
San Francisco Chronicle, 11 Oct 1991

Little Rock, AR - American Telephone & Telegraph Co. will lay off about a third of the employees at its computer manufacturing plant here, the communications giant said yesterday. About 300 people will be laid off over the next several months because of "current business conditions and changes in production forecasts...''

Baby Bells Not Ready to Launch Info Services
Seattle Times, 11 Oct 1991

New York - Though the nation's seven regional "Baby Bell" companies have won the right to immediately start providing information services, they say it could be months before they actually enter the business.

They also admit that despite years of fighting for the right, they don't know which services will prove popular or profitable.

The phone companies envision testing a multitude of services to homes and businesses over their lines, such as sports scores, news, weather reports and an electronic version of the Yellow Pages....

Microsoft's Profits and Sales Soar
Seattle Times, 11 Oct 1991

The Microsoft juggernaut rolls onward.

Redmond-based Microsoft yesterday reported its quarterly profits grew a whopping 64 percent over the same period a year earlier, while sales weren't far behind with a 57 percent gain....

Popularity of Arms Cut Plan Hasn't Raised Bush Ratings
San Francisco Chronicle, 11 Oct 1991

Although President Bush's recent announcement of a unilateral reduction in nuclear forces was hailed as a breakthrough, it has apparently had little positive impact on Americans' overall opinions about his presidency....

Bush Aides Still Pondering Health Care Reform
San Francisco Chronicle, 11 Oct 1991

Top Bush administration officials defended themselves yesterday against criticism that the White House is ignoring the nation's health care problems by failing to propose comprehensive reform.

"We will have our comprehensive plan in due course,'' White House budget director Richard Darman told members of the House Ways and Means Committee.

He said he personally hopes the administration will propose a plan before the 1992 election, but in any event, "I suspect we'll all be at a signing ceremony in the second Bush administration term....''

Bush Vetoes Bill to Extend Unemployment Benefits
Seattle Times, 11 Oct 1991

Washington - President Bush today vetoed a $6.4 billion bill that would have provided up to 20 additional weeks of unemployment benefits, calling it a "poorly designed, unnecessarily expensive program...."

Jobless-Benefit Applications Rise Again
Los Angeles Times, 11 Oct 1991

New applications for unemployment insurance benefits rose again in late September, the Labor Department said Thursday, as the recovery remained too weak to boost employment....

Fewer From Other States Migrating to California / Recession's poor job market blamed
San Francisco Chronicle, 11 Oct 1991

The phenomenal migration from other states that helped give California record population increases in the late 1980s has fallen dramatically because of the recession....

2nd Woman Expected to Testify Against Thomas
Los Angeles Times, 11 Oct 1991

In a highly charged confrontation to be played out today before a national television audience, a second woman who worked with Clarence Thomas is expected to join law professor Anita Faye Hill in telling the Senate Judiciary Committee that the Supreme Court nominee made sexual comments to her while they worked together at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission....

Subtle, Secret Sexual Harassment Prevails in Workplace, Experts Say
Seattle Times, 11 Oct 1991

Sexual harassment - usually secret and subtle - is alive and well in the workplace, say those who hear the complaints. Often it goes unreported out of fear, lack of proof and lack of money.

It runs the gamut from profanity and constant leering to not-so-accidental rubbing shoulders in the hall to blatant demands for sex in exchange for favorable job situations. Occasionally, it's physical assault - grabbing breasts or buttocks....

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